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The House

Hi Folks,

Here’s more on the house and some of the unique images and details people have taken whilst staying here. We use these photos to make personalized postcards too.

The house has three double rooms and a balcony bed with an oriental mosquito net which is very popular in the hot summer days. The mini flat has a double bedroom, small kitchen and shower/toilet, a balcony and access upstairs to the rest of the house. Next floor has two double bedrooms with an extra single bed in each, sitting room, bathroom, kitchen and large balcony with a balcony bed. Outside there is a summer shower/toilet known as the Acropolis.

The house renovation has been an attempt to keep a balance with the feel of the simple traditional village house whilst incorporating a few modern luxuries.


sunnyroomafter Sitrm KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAP1060187KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA P1060190 P1060188  P1030295 P1030195 P1030193 P1030192 P1030191 P1030189 P1030183 P1030054 P1000818 P1000762 P1000757 P1000662 P1000661 P1000660 P1000659 P1000655 P1000640 P1000639 P1000634 P1000631 P1000628 P1000622 minikit LateKit2 IMG_0742 IMG_0446 guest1 CIMG2349 CIMG2346 CIMG2317 CIMG2315 CIMG2312 CIMG2311 CIMG2310 CIMG2309 CIMG2230 CIMG2229 CIMG1481 CIMG1427 CIMG1114 CIMG0990 CIMG0984 CIMG0979 CIMG0978 CIMG0977 CIMG0890 CIMG0853 CIMG0527  CIMG0009CIMG0083


Comments on: "The House" (1)

  1. Steffi + Rolf said:

    We like it. We miss it. We long for it.

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