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Woodwork Creations.

Hi there,

During my quest to furnish the house and do the odd job for others, I have developed a philosophy of recycling materials, parts of furniture, old door panels and windows and older details from the house that can be echoed in a piece. This helps integrate an item and give it a bit of character as well as satisfying my urge to give things a second chance. Let me show you:

Mirror frame that echoes a detail at either end of the traditional shelving and is hung with a fisherman’s rope and floats.

A cupboard built for a friend in the village using her original old chestnut windows, plus a panel and moulding from her old balcony doors.

This plate rack is a copy of the one in the kitchen below. I’ve made lots of these with the height and length differing. Some people even use them to store shoes!

A traditional bed base built for a house on Lefkada. A mattress is put in the middle, cushions thrown around, storage under and two sets of steps up that can be put together to make a small table. A traditional idea of north/western Greece.

The drawers and sides were taken from a larger cupboard that had lost its doors. So I just made a chest of drawers from the central stack.

The barber’s mirror had no legs. These legs had been chainsawed off an old table in Thessaloniki and put in the rubbish. I knew I would do something with them one day. I extended them with some off cut chunks that had a bark detail. It’s all a rather strange mix!

Tall hall tables made from bits and pieces. These can be decorated in different ways.

Telephone cupboard just big enough to hide all the wires and plugs.

My boot box in the hall is made from an old  panel from a friend’s balcony doors plus other bits and pieces in the workshop. The panel opens out for boots below and the top opens up to pop in the shoes.


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  1. Lovely ideas!Hope to see you this summer.Love Sarahxx

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