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Here we are.

This is where we are: (Sikia can be spelled several different ways – Sikea, Sikia, Sykia, 

Sikea is about 2 hours 15 minutes from Thessaloniki(157 km) and about 50 mins  from Nikiti (honey centre of Halkidiki). It is at the furthest point of Sithonia, the second peninsula of Halkidiki, an inland village, 3 kilometers from the sea. There are approx 3000 permanent inhabitants which expands to about 5000 in summer. You can find shops and tavernas in the village as well as on the main coastal road and scattered around the bays and local beaches in the summer.

Our house is one of the oldest in the village, dating back at least 250 years and built on granite rock. The church is a landmark nearby, burnt down twice in its history. There are many other old traditional places offering accommodation.


front of house

Mountain and coastal tracks take you to explore Kriaritsi, Kalamitsi, Porto Koufo, Toroni, Nea Marmaras on the one side and Sarti and Vouvourou on the other.

The fire-watch station on Mt.Itamos, the highest point on the spine, has views from both sides of the peninsula. An Iron Age site, the Kou Kous, sits above the village. Mt Athos always seems to be in view and boat trips are available from Sarti, or Ormous Panagias a few kilometers away.

Motorbikes, bicycles and cars can also be rented from nearby Sarti, a more developed tourist centre. Cars might be better booked with your flight, if you want a bargain.

Intensive English lessons are also on offer during your stay.

Contact: Pat Pinchbeck,

mobile: 0030 693200 8990 home:   0030 23750 41460


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  1. Hans de Vries said:

    Wonderful Pat. Huge compliment!

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