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Mini films to promote your local business

Hi folks,

Meet my friend Rolf Heutmann.

He is a young German freelance reporter who is interested in producing short promotional videos/films in Halkidiki and in particular Sikia.

Picture1Rolf has a small house in Sikia, with his family, (just below mine in fact) and is interested in spending more time in Greece.

He has already produced some short films for small businesses in the locality;  

‘Five Steps in the Sand’ tavern….. and

‘The Dolphin Diving Centre:’……

and he will be getting in touch with a number of small family hotels and business individually.

This type of short promotional film takes about a week to make with a minimum starting budget of about 500 euro. Of course, films are tailor-made to suit each situation. As you may note from the samples, there is no spoken language necessary, which makes them universally understood and the sound track is created by Rolf himself to avoid any copyright issues. But of course, it’s also possible to use spoken language for specific information which can be translated and/or make some use of popular Greek words and phrases just to give a local Greek ambience.

Why not be among the first to get something out there on YouTube or to use in your general advertising or web site. Perhaps you could combine it with other small businesses you know?

We hope to hear from you,

Pat and Rolf

00 30 23750 41 460 or  00 30  6932008990


This year’s calendar-

P1030735Hello there folks,

I’ve just printed this year’s calendar. There is a wide selection of photos taken by friends of Sikia and myself and I have given a theme to each month. Some themes are perhaps easier to guess than others! I shall be sending many of you complimentary copies, but if you would like to order more, please get in touch and as soon as possible as there are limited copies.

All the best,


23750 41 460




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