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Stacking Bee boxes

bee boxes

Hi folks,

This is my latest project in the workshop. I saw friends using old beehive boxes as bookshelves, about six of them stacked against the wall and noticed they were also short of kitchen storage. The space just below their kitchen windows was crying out for a row of bee boxes too. As their house has great character and a lot of homemade artistic touches, there’s great potential for how they can be painted up to fit in. I thought it great fun to make them all different. I’m working on one with drawers.  Another idea  is a drop down door on ropes to be used as a boot box. I’ll let you know how it goes.


3 day weekend events or just Sunday 27th October walk.

Hi Folks,

We are all hoping this glorious weather will hold a bit longer. It was fantastic for the Parthenonas walk last  Sunday and friends and I have still been swimming in the fresh crystal water of the local beach!

So, as next weekend is officially a 3 day holiday, I would like to offer my Metohi walk to you as we locals down here will probably do it anyway.

The walk is in the hills and over paddocks above Sikia which has spectacular views of Mt. Athos and Toroni with a picnic stop at an old Metochi ruin. In this area we sometimes find mushrooms. This walk is between 3 ½ – 4 hours, a circular route. I suggest a start time of 12.30 for those coming directly from Thessaloniki. Meet at my house (near the church) or the slaughter house on the old Toroni road (if you know it). We will probably adjourn to a taverna called Limonaki at the beach or the tavern Mimosa in the village, depending on the weather.

Of course accommodation is available at the house and nearby- if I’m full, for a reasonable rate if you’d like to stay over for a long weekend (and other walks) or just have a long beach walk on the Monday. (if you would like accommodation, please don’t leave your booking until the last minute)


Hope to see you,

All the best,


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