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Georgia’s yard table and benches

Hi Folks,

Georgia has a beautiful traditional house in the village and comes twice a year since she retired. Last autumn we had a big birthday party in her yard and realized she needed a BIG table to get everyone together. My brief was to make a table that could be de-constructed and put away in the cellar for the winter. Whilst in England this January, I went to an antique furniture exhibition in London and came across a ‘harvest table’. This table was made to be portable during harvest time so that it could be picked up and moved on to the next field easily. So I adapted this principle and with a ratchet spanner and the removal of 16 coach bolts in 10 minutes, the table can be taken apart and tucked in the cellar.               Hope you like it!


CIMG2327   CIMG2328   CIMG2325  CIMG2326   CIMG2329


Spring Events Report


Well folks,

We had such glorious hot weather that we replaced the walks with swims. Really refreshing! Beaches to ourselves and some skinny dipping! Our Easter meal at taverna ‘Limanaki’ was a great success with kid roasted in the oven the traditional Sikia way with rice soaking up the meat juices, mingling with various herbs. There were nine of us sitting in the sun on the beach. The horse race took place on May 7th, as predicted the Tuesday after Easter. Although it was windy, it was a clear sunny day and there was a good turn out of horses and spectators. And no broken bones this year. I do wish they’s wear helmets, but Sikia doesn’t get its nickname Texas for nothing! So I post you a few photos of the riders and good to see there were a few more girls this year.


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