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Hi folks,

The back of the house has just had a face life. A major job as it’s three floors high with eleven windows. A few years ago, a friend Jane and I removed old ceramic drainpipes attached to the back by passing a rope through them and attaching the end of the rope to window bars and a bed leg so that when I released them they wouldn’t collapse into the neighbours yard or cause any other damage. Since that time the rendering deteriorated to the point where patches of plaster were falling off in chunks aided by minor local earth tremours. Finally, I found some lads, worth their weight in gold, to tackle the job. They uncovered a mason’s corner stone, dating the house at 1889, very close to a nasty fracture half way up the house. This fracture had to be strapped with three metal strips and bolted to stop the corner falling away any further. Window alcoves had to be straightened up a bit too as settlement had left several a bit wonky. And I also took the opportunity to replace a rotten window and frame. The details around the windows we copied and reproduced and finished off with a good couple of coats of whitewash. I’m so proud of what they have done and the neighbours love their fresh new vista.


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