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HausHaus in the tree

HausHaus – in the tree

I’d like to tell you about an amazing idea my neighbours had last summer. They have a cute little summer house with a small terrace in the front. In total the house has about 40 square meters of space and they are a family of four with two fast growing teenage girls. And the girls sometimes bring friends! So the point is that space and privacy for them is a premium.

They came up with the idea of building a “decking”, surrounded by balustrades, above the small shed at the back of the house. This would be at a height to see over the top of the house across the village and slightly shaded by a tree in my garden. This was just my kind of project!!! They produced rough drawings and ideas and we discussed how to make it so that everyone could participate a little. I had the idea that we should be able to “deconstruct” the decking and balustrades so they could be put away in the winter to prevent undue weathering. This meant we would need to make a kit to put together in as little time as possible (approx 30 mins) with only a ratchet spanner and a screwdriver. So I think now the photos tell the story.

Steffi  (mum) says:“By the help of Pat even the kids have been able to finish their little house in a few hours .. Now we have a wonderful view over the top of Sikia houses…. Pat constructed a sort of “House puzzle ”


Lena : “House-House is my favourite place to be – reading a book on my own.”


Luise: ” It´s a perfect place to spent the early morning with a friend, while mum and dad are still sleeping.”IMG_1033

Rolf: (dad) says:”One little idea at first and Pat created a fantastic architecture. It was a great pleasure to work on it with her and amazing: her empathic way to advice the whole family, especially the kids! At last I enjoy to spend time on house-house playing with the children -have some coffee on it in between and drinking one last ‘M ythos’ at night watching the stars twinkling on house-house ..


House-house is made of : one step-ladder, 4 balustrades, 4 pieces of floor, bolts + screws and a lot of creativity and pedagogic skills of Pat …

We have already had an opening party there! We look forward to spending our first night under the stars next summer … our little balcony is round about 1,20 to 2,00 so that two people could spend the night on a mattress on the decking … protected by Pat’s tree ( and a mosquito net)….”P1000721


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