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Hi there Folks, Meet Yianni and Marie-Andree. They live on the outskirts of our village and have a shop in Sarti. Check out their website to see what they are up to: ( where you can see a gallery of their silver workshop products, pictures of the area and a gallery of wildflowers from Halkidiki.

Andrea at work in Sarti

Andrea at work in Sarti

In addition, take a glance at their garden below. We have an idea. In October I shall be organizing another ‘events week’ including Yianni and Andree. They will be offering to use their homegrown vegetables in cookery lessons of personal recipes. Also, if you visit during the summer, it might be possible to put a small cookery group together, with fresh veg, organically grown. Let us know what you think.


And guess what, I made 4 kilos of apricot chutney from Yianni and Andree’s fruit today to add to my shelf of homemade preserves.

I also have Neranga orange marmalade, lemon marmalade, apple chutney, peach chutney and some local honey from my friend Thanassi. You’ll hear more about him another time.


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